Why did my payment fail?

If you've gone through the process to place an order, and yet your payment will not go through, don't panic. There are several reasons why a payment may fail and prevent you from completing your order. 

Incorrect Details

The primary reason why an online payment can fail is due to providing some details that are incorrect. Payment screening takes place on every attempt, primarily to secure client details. Checks are made against the details supplied to ensure that the payment has been requested by the authorised card-holder. As a first step, you should go back to the checkout and verify that the address details you have supplied are correct. For clarification, the address you should provide under the 'Billing Address' section should be the address which is shown on your card statement (for credit cards) or bank statement (for debit cards). 

Temporary Card Block

All card payments are processed by our UK card processor, regardless of where you are in the world, or which currency you are paying in. Because of this, your card issuer will see this as a foreign payment if you are not based in the UK.

Many card providers will temporarily block foreign payments if you do not regularly use your card for these types of transactions. To resolve this situation, you will need to contact your card issuer, and confirm that you are intending to make this payment. You will need to confirm the amount of your order, as well as the provider name which is Vital Certificates. Your card issuer will usually be able to remove any temporary restrictions within a few minutes. You can then go back to the checkout and try to make the payment again

Insufficient Funds

It may be that there are simply insufficient funds for the transaction. Remember that the payment amount is in UK Pounds (unless you have selected a different currency on the website) so the amount in your own currency will be different. You will need to confirm that you have sufficient available funds on the card account to meet the total order value. 

How to complete your order

Our system will store the details of your order so you don't have to worry that the details you supplied will have to all be entered again. You can try to complete a saved order by going through the checkout again, or alternatively just give us a call and we can take a card payment over the phone. We can also provide alternative payment methods should you need them, such as PayPal invoices, Bank Transfer details or assist with a cheque payment or international money order. 

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