What information is on a UK Birth Certificate?

For all UK birth certificates you will find the following information:

Registration district, sub-district and county

The registration location provides the official area where the birth was registered. This will be the district within which the birth took place rather than the exact place of birth. For example, for someone born near Wembley Stadium in London, the following details would be provided:

  • Sub-District: Wembley 
  • District: Brent
  • County: Greater London

Full name of person born

The full name of the person whose birth the certificate relates to will be provided including any supplied middle names. This will not include any names added after the birth was registered such as assumed names, nicknames or confirmation names.

Date of birth

The full date of birth is stated for the person on the certificate. Under normal circumstances this will not include the time of birth. The only exception to this would be in the case of multiple births (such as twins or triplets) where the time of each birth will be added in the date section.

Place of birth

The certificate will state the exact place of birth which will either be the house/building address in the case of a home birth, or the name of the hospital in the case of a hospital birth.

Mother's full name

In all circumstances, the mother's full name will be supplied on the birth certificate of the child. This includes any middle names. 

Mother's maiden surname (and any other previous names)

Any previous names the mother has been known by, including her maiden (birth) surname and any other previous marriage names, will be stated on the certificate. 

Mother's Place of Birth

For recent births, the child's birth certificate will also include the town and county where the mother was born. 

Mother's Occupation

For recent births, the child's birth certificate will also include the occupation of the mother at the time of the birth. 

Mother's Usual Address

In the event that the child was not born at the mother's home address, her usual address will be recorded on the certificate. This is most likely when the child was born in a hospital. 

Father's full name

Where the father has been named, his full name will be provided on the child's birth certificate, including any middle names. The father can now only be named on the certificate if he is present at the time the birth was registered. 

Father's Occupation

If the father has been named on the child's birth certificate, his occupation at the time of birth will also be recorded. 

Signature, description and residence of informant

In cases where neither the mother or father were available to register the birth, the person registering the birth of the child will be recorded on the certificate. These details will include a description of who they are, their address, and their signature.

Date the birth was registered

It is typical that the birth will be recorded on a different day to the date of birth. Under UK law, the birth must be recorded within 42 days of the date of birth. The date of the actual registration is recorded on the child's birth certificate.

Signature of registrar

The registrar that handled the registration of the birth will be recorded on the certificate. This could be either a handwritten signature or typed (in recent years).

Date the certificate was produced

In the case of a re-issue of the original registration document, the actual date that the document was issued is recorded on the birth certificate. 

Other information

Re-issued birth certificates will include words to the effect of "Certified to be a true copy of an entry in the births register". This is standard wording on every official birth certificate as it relates to the fact that the certificate is, in essence, copying details from the original birth register. It does not mean that it is a photocopy of an original and therefore can be used for all official purposes such as passports, visa applications and right to work documents. 

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