What information is on a UK marriage certificate?

For all   UK marriage certificates you will find the following information:

Registration district, sub-district and county

The registration location provides the official area where the marriage was registered. This will be the district within which the marriage took place rather than the exact place of marriage. For example, for a couple married near Wembley Stadium in London, the following details would be provided:

  • Sub-District: Wembley 
  • District: Brent
  • County: Greater London

Full name of bride

The full maiden name of the bride the certificate relates to will be provided including any supplied middle names. For recent marriages, any previous married names will also be stated on the certificate.

Full name of groom 

The full name of the groom, including any middle names, will be stated on the marriage certificate. 

Age of bride and groom

The age of both the bride and groom will be recorded on the marriage certificate. 

Date of marriage

The full date of marriage of the couple is recorded on the certificate. 

Place of marriage

The certificate will state the exact place of marriage which will either be the church/place of worship, civil ceremony location or register office.

Rank or Profession of bride and groom

For both the bride and groom, details of their profession (or rank in the case of the armed services) will be recorded on the certificate. 

Residence at the time of marriage

The marriage certificate will include the home address of where each of the bride and groom lived at the time of marriage.

Marital status

Referred to as 'Condition' on the marriage certificate, details of the marital status of both the bride and groom is included on the certificate. These would be one of the following:

  • Bachelor/Spinster if either party had never been married before
  • Widow/widower if either party had been married and their previous partner had died
  • Previously Dissolved if either partner had previously been divorced

Father's full name and occupation

For both the bride and groom, each parties' father's name and occupation will be recorded on the certificate.

Marriage witnesses

Every marriage must be independently witnessed by two people. Both witnesses will be recorded by name on the certificate and each will sign the marriage register. 

Date the marriage was registered

The date is recorded that the marriage was registered. It is usual that this will take place on the same day as the marriage given that the person officiating over the marriage will register it at the same time. 

Registrar Details

The registrar, or member of the clergy, conducting the marriage ceremony will include their name and signature the marriage certificate. 

Date the certificate was produced

In the case of a re-issue of the original marriage registration document, the actual date that the document was issued is recorded on the marriage certificate. 

Other information

Re-issued marriage certificates will include words to the effect of "Certified to be a true copy of an entry in the marriage register". This is standard wording on every official marriage certificate as it relates to the fact that the certificate is, in essence, copying details from the original marriage register. It does not mean that it is a photocopy of an original and therefore can be used for all official purposes. 

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