Which marriage certificates are available to order?

We can assist with any UK-issued marriage certificates, although some recent events cannot be handled (see below). The following types are available:

  • England & Wales - Certificates from July 1st 1837 
  • Scotland - Certificates from 1855 
  • Northern Ireland - Certificates issued from 1864 
  • British Forces Marriages - From 1849
  • British Consul or High Commission registers - From 1849
  • British Army Regimental Records - From 1761 to 1849

Please note that it is not compulsory for British people married abroad to have their marriage recorded within the UK records. In cases where the marriage was not registered with the overseas British Consulate, Embassy or High Commission, we will not be able to supply a copy of that certificate. You would need to contact the relevant registrars of marriages in the country where the marriage took place. 

Former British Territories or Protectorates

There are many countries around the world that used to be part of the United Kingdom but have since gained independence. When the British government handed over power to the local government, marriage records remained within that country. None of the records were passed to the UK authorities and therefore we are unable to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate for you. You would need to contact the civil registrars in that country. 

Recent Marriage Certificates

For a non-civil marriage (i.e. one that took place in a church), there is a time lag between when the marriage took place and when replacement documents are available via the civil registers (the ones we use). As a rule of thumb, it may take up to 2 years before the records are passed through to the national registration archive. If the marriage certificate you need took place in a church within the past 2 years you should contact the church directly to obtain a copy of the document. 

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