What is an adoption certificate?

An adoption certificate is issued to an adopted person once the court has arranged the adoption. It becomes the document that proves the identity of that person and effectively replaces their original birth certificate. It broadly contains the same types of information as a UK birth certificate. 

What information will I find on an adoption certificate? 

For all UK adoption certificates you will find:

  • Registration district, sub-district and county of birth
  • Full adopted name of person born
  • Date of birth - please note this does not usually include the time of birth
  • Adoptive Father's full name
  • Adoptive Mother's full name
  • Address of adoptive parents
  • Occupation of adoptive parents (not always shown)
  • Date of Adoption Order
  • Court where the adoption was administered
  • Date the entry was registered
  • Signature of the appointed officer
  • Date the certificate was produced

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