What delivery options are available?

We offer a broad range of delivery services for sending or returning your documents and certificates. In all cases, the delivery option will only affect the service/speed of the delivery portion of your order and does not affect the time taken to complete your order. 

You can choose which service you require during the checkout phase of your order:

The options presented to you during checkout will be determined by the country we will be shipping to, so your list may well be different to this one. In all cases however, you will be provided with 3 broad choices:

  • Regular Post
  • Registered Post
  • Courier

Regular Post

Regular postal methods are either First Class post for deliveries within the UK, or Airmail for overseas deliveries, using standard Royal Mail services. 

Registered Post

For UK deliveries, you can choose either Signed-For which is still sent by first-class mail but simply requires a signature upon delivery, or Special Delivery which is a guaranteed delivery service to be with you by 1pm on the following working day (Monday to Friday). 

For overseas delivery, we will choose the best service available through Royal Mail International delivery options. This will be either International Signed, International Tracked, or International Tracked & Signed. The choices available to us are determined by the shipping country, but our order of preference is chosen as follows:

  1. International Tracked & Signed
  2. International Tracked
  3. International Signed

For full details of which countries each service is available for is available on the Royal Mail website and can be found here.

Courier Delivery

For important shipments, you should choose to have your document/certificate sent by courier delivery. This is the most reliable service we have available. We use a combination of Fedex, UPS and DHL to provide the best service we have dependent upon your delivery country and the available local pick-up times.

For certain countries, where the local postal system is known to be unreliable, we will strongly advise you to upgrade your shipment to a courier delivery if you choose a different method. These countries include (but are not limited to):

  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • India

Scanning Service

You will also be given the option of selecting to have your order scanned and emailed to you prior to dispatch. This is known as our Scan & Send service. This service does not replace the physical shipping service, but will additionally provide you with an electronic version of your order completed at the moment it ships from our offices. We can however only email the scan once the order is complete. 

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